Don't be pale this Summer!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013
By Tracey
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We have just introduced our client base to a whole new type of tannning product! 

Naked Sun

Naked Sun Spray Tanning Solutions will provide each client with a rich natural tan. Naked Sun Solutions use natural humectants such as Glycerin, Sorbitol, and Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and support sunless tan development without added stickiness. Naked Sun Spray Tanning products are the only solutions to use an Eco-Cert approved preservatives. Choose between Bronze Beauty for Light-Medium skin tones, or Tropical Beauty for medium to dark skinned clients.

Design Philosophy: Be the Anti-Oxidant Sunless Tan. Potent anti-oxidants can protect against premature skin aging, provide a more skin friendly sunless tan, improve the tonality of the sunless tan (less yellow tone), and speed sunless tan development.

Model: Formulate only with botanical and natural ingredients. You would expect our DHA to be EcoCert Organic certified. But so is our preservative! (No other brand can claim this)

Inspiration: Plants cannot escape their environment and must stand their ground against environmental stresses. Plants in hostile environments need even stronger defenses. Plant compounds such as polyphenols and terpenes provide powerful antioxidant defenses that can neutralize free radicals.

Problem: Up to 80% of skin aging is from photo-aging and chemicals and pollutants. Further, free radicals may interfere with the sunless tan reaction in unwanted side reactions potentially affecting coloration and skin safety.

Solution: Green Coffee Extract and Spectrum 360. Green Coffee Extract is the cornerstone of our approach. It has a higher antioxidant activity than any fruit or vegetable common to our diet. Spectrum360 is a proprietary anti-oxidant extract from a number of fruits, vegetables and spices -- acai, blueberry, and ginseng to name a few. This extract protects against all five free radical types -- not just one like most other anti-oxidant skin care products.


We recommend each client exfoliate in the shower before coming and getting and air brush tan, this will allow your tan to last longer.

We also recommend wearing lose clothes to better protect the tan, this will not stain your clothes.

Make sure to not put lotion on the day of your airbrish tan!