Be Prepared for your spray tan!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
By Mahgon
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Step one: Make sure to exfoliate the skin the before your tan. This will ensure an even tan as well as longer lasting results. Who doesnt want their tan to last longer?

Step two: Wear lose/ baggy clothes to your tanning session. This will help protect your tan from any lines or streaks.

Step three: DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP OR DEODORANT TO YOUR TANNING SESSION. If you have deodorant or makup on where the tanning solution sprays, it will turn green. Not permantently, but you will look pretty funny until you take a shower.

Step four: Do not shower again until 8 hours after your tanning session.  Do NOT be rough on your skin when showering. Te more delicate you are with your sking

Step five: After you shower, lotion your skin. Adding lotion to the skin ensures your tan will last longer! You must lotion your skin DAILY if you want your tan to last longer than a week.

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